Sunday, 2 May 2010

Five image for modles in crysis

A restful night and a cool and reposeful glen, two scientists have a long discussion
about what the qualities to be a saint。lastly,the answer is shall all to others。

The labs are located in a very pleasent situation by the sea.
Here is very quite and cozy. It could hardly have chosen a
better location for these two scientists to share ideas.

This is Stephan Hawking's lab which oriented to the east and up on a hillside.
Thus, here is a wongderful place for him to recuperate and scientific research.

This is Charls Davwin's Lab.

This is the meeting place of two scientist. They just come out of their labs,
get to the platform and begin to discuss under the moon light. The surronding
are beach and trees, under the blul sky. Two scientists can stand or seat there
thinging and talking about the universe , human, and future.

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