Wednesday, 22 August 2012

ARCH1202 Design 4 project 2

The Finnish architect Alvar Aalto completed Saynatsalo Town Hall in 1952. The building itself is an elevated courtyard plan with two main entrances up to the interior: a formal series of steps made of granite to the east, and another set of grass terraces on the western end. The site, sloping upward to the north, allows for a series of inhabitable levels. On the ground floors are parts of the library and other various municipalities for use by the townspeople. Ascending further upward, one finds a grass courtyard punctuated by various brick or clay tube patios, as well as a sunken pool of water, ready to cool off your feet. Most of the circulation for the above-ground offices is done behind the glass areas around the courtyard, avoding the need for dark corridors. By going up even further via a set of stairs to the east, you can reach the council chamber and view the spider-like wooden roof trusses in the ceiling.

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